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Pippin 26 Nov 2005 00:05

seals and gaskets F650
I´m currently in southern Mexico and appear to have blown an exhaust gasket as well as having a leaky transmission output shaft seal on an early model F650.

Could your average Mexican taller mofles make an exhaust gasket for this bike or am I wasting my time and money to try to fix this outside of a dealership? How dangerous is it to ride with this seal out other than the obnoxious noise? Any likelihood of cooking an exhaust valve or anything?

The transmission output shaft seal is leaking enough to oil the underside of my engine (no oil ahead of this so I´m assuming that´s where it´s coming from.) I don´t think the oil got low enough to do any internal damage before I discovered this and I´m checking it daily now. It does not appear to be oiling my tire and I´ve noticed no handling problems that might indicate this. Again could this wait until I get home (3000 miles give or take) or should I find a BMW dealer pronto?

Opinions and advice will be appreciated.

Cameron 27 Nov 2005 01:13

Hey Pippin,
Mexican mechanics are very resourceful, and I'm sure they could make an exhaust gasket for you.
As for leaking a bit of oil, Just check it often, fill it, ride it, and fix it when it becomes unbearable (to you)...
Met a welsh biker on an xt600 in morroco. His bike was using/leaking a litre of oil a day, and had been for a while. He was heading INTO the desert...
Have a Great trip...

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