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harvey 25 Feb 2002 16:22

Rhino alert - reupholstery tips wanted
Having lost a few pounds in weight after four months on the road, our posteriors are not quite as well padded as they were when we left. Consequently, after two to three hours in the saddle we are both suffering from rhinos (rhino-sore-arse).
Does anyone have any tips on reupholstering our seats/making them more comfortable? I'm on a R100GS with a solo seat (don't know the make) and Lisa's on an R80ST with the stock BMW dual seat.
Are gel inserts any good and does anyone know where to get them (we'll be in SE Asia, the US and Canada in the next few months).

Grant Johnson 26 Feb 2002 01:38

Gel inserts are reputed to be great, but I doubt you'll find them there. Wait till you get to Canada/USA, and in the meantime get a sheepskin. They work very well.

Grant Johnson

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Timo 26 Feb 2002 23:18

As an interm measure I have had good luck using sleeping pads to bolster the stock seat. Thermarests or great, although bulky, but even a basic closed cell pad can be folded and duct taped on for added comfort. Not pretty, and it will raise your seat hight, but it works in a pinch.

ChrisK 18 Apr 2002 22:03

Gell inserts, isn't that a little over the top, sort of the opposite to lipo suction?
Or have I miss understood again./ Chris.

harvey 18 Apr 2002 22:09

I thought I might get some for my pecs at the same time, they need building up a bit.

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