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Ekke 15 Nov 2012 22:53

Replacing oil cooler thermostat: R1200GS

My 2007 Adventure has been running quite hot in stop and go traffic. The main culprit I imagine would be the thermostat. Perhaps it isn't opening fully?

Does anyone have any experience replacing it? We're on the road at the moment so I'm hoping this is possible to do in a campground or parking lot. :funmeteryes:


javkap 16 Nov 2012 11:07

Here you have a detailed description even with pics: R1200GS Overheating? - Page 3 - ADVrider


Bertrand 16 Nov 2012 11:34

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I had a 1200gs 2006 but never had that problem- so I just called BMW Ocean ( very good guys down there:thumbup1:)
They tell me they have never changed one of those parts or heard of one failing-and suggest the following
1- check the IN and OUT pipe of your oil cooler (they should both be hot, the IN side, of course, hotter so mind your fingers! - if one side is cold- the oil cooler is at fault
2- If you have a stone protector in front of the oil cooler- this does reduce airflow to the oil cooler-
3- The assumption is made that your bike has the right volume of oil & of the right spec.
4- has the bike fallen over lately? could you have squashed one of the oil pipes?

If you follow Javier's excellent link, (page 3 the part being held up) that brass part is called EXPANDING ELEMENT # 15 on diag could be the culprit but BMW Ocean don't think so. If you do decide to undo it, it's 2 bolts but be aware there is a spring (14) just below it)-

Ekke 17 Nov 2012 22:16

Thanks Javier and Bertrand!

The ADV Rider article was interesting with many people saying that there really was no problem running the temps that high. I have had the oil pressure light flicker at idle when at the top of the temperature gauge so I personally think there is a problem. I'll have to pull the tank off when it is low on fuel and have a look to see if I can find the thermostat.

Now that we're out of serious off pavement stuff for a while (out of Mongolia and now heading to SE Asia) I will take off the oil cooler guard. I wouldn't have thought that it would make that big of a difference in stopped traffic but it is an easy "fix".

I haven't felt the oil cooler lines but I have felt the oil cooler and it does get hot. I checked it one time at a break, after it had been sitting for a few minutes, and it was ice cold. I didn't think that it would cool off that quickly (the valve covers were still hot) so that's when I started thinking that it might be the thermostat.

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