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Hedgehog5 26 Oct 2001 21:37

Rack & Pillion
Ive got a 1150GS with panniers & an upturned toolbox from a DIY store for 10GBP drilled & fixed to the grabrail mounts - light, lockable, looks the part, cheap, & does the job.
However my pillion complains about the lack of somewhere to hang on (I have given her a strap to hold onto but it's not ideal) & anyway I want to get rid of the box & add a rack to carry a rucksack or 2.
As I'm not much of a welder & am not inclined to spend a great sum of money on this has anybody found a cheap & chearful way of doing this?
I've trawled the DIY shops but not really seen anything suitable...
Also, has anybody come across a better grabrail.... or should I just get better earplugs & ignor the whingeing?



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