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sidlaws.fsbusiness.co.uk 8 Apr 2001 02:21

R80 G/S Lower footrests ?
I have a 1981 R80G/S,Iwould like to fit lower footrests to improve legroom.I know Touratech does them but they are pretty expensive,Does anyone know of any alternatives ? or has anyone altered the standard ones ?
Thanks, Roy

Kurt 9 Apr 2001 07:26

Suburban Machinery makes kits for R11GS and R1150GS's. Maybe they can do something for you. www.suburban-machinery.com

dc lindberg 8 Sep 2008 20:44

Simple operation! -:)

Get a pair of pillion rests.
Cut off the drivers rests (angle grinder is a neat tool).
Drill-out the center with 10mm drill.
Bolt on the pillion rests using the pillion mounting bracket.
Looks like this - sorry quota is exceeded so only one side can be published:

AliBaba 9 Sep 2008 08:08

I have tried various setups and I have found that wider pegs that are moved down and further to the rear are best (for me).
You can get a set here BOXER SCHMIEDE BERLIN , think the price is around 125€.


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