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daytonatwin 15 Mar 2007 12:32

R80/100gs Rear Upgrade
Does any person herewith know if it possible to fit a complete rear monolever swing arm/section off the R80G/S MODELS,to the later R80/100GS pralevers.
If so! what if any problems would I encounter in trying to fit it on the later GS's.
Now lets see what answers you lot can come up with, and make it snappy, as I am thinking of buying the later model,but the later shaft is a retrograde step for reliability in my opinion.

Frank Warner 16 Mar 2007 01:31

Possible - yes.


not as long as the paralever - so battery will need to be rotated to occupy less room, mud guard moved forward ..

Different rear suspension mounting point .. possibly ...

Why don't you just buy a monolever?! If you are just 'up grading' to a later (less worn out) engine/gear box .. then these will just bolt over to the old model .. same with the front suspension ..

John Ferris 16 Mar 2007 02:17

It's been a couple of years ago but I think Grant was going to convert his
R80G/S model to the later R80/100GS pralever.

Frank Warner 16 Mar 2007 03:24

Of course you could fit new U joints (with grease fittings) to the paralever shaft . then regrrease them every second tyre change and have reliability ?

John Ferris 16 Mar 2007 05:17

I found it.

gsworkshop 17 Mar 2007 12:45

Can be done but I would suggest you check with HPN Motorradtechnik GmbH in Germany. The HPN solution will be a big bucks arrangement but worth it for every last cent you will fork out.
You can do this yourself as well but it will be more of a compromise than a real improvement over the para-lever suspension.
HPN also offer a two arm version based on the mono lever swing arm as you will have to replace the final drive and rear wheel in any case. You will have to send them your frame sub frame and centre stand and you will have to consider new front forks as well. The extended swing arm option will allow you to use the existing battery box.

As for fitting the para lever swing arm to the G/S frame. Not possible unless if you want to cut the frame apart and this can become tricky and dangerous if not done correctly. Klaus at HPN told me they have tried to this in the past but found that the cost was not justifying the purpose. It is cheaper to find the right frame.

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