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MikeS 27 Jul 2006 15:20

R1150GS spare parts list for Trans Americas trip
I'm trying to get a 'sensible' spare parts list for stuff to bring on Argentina-Alaska trip coming up in 3 months.
We'll be doing some rough roads (gravel) but on the whole, will be mainly tarmac.

So far I have seen people mention the following items:

Rear bevel bearing/seal
Clutch slave cylinder
Fuel filter
Alternator belt (same as Poly V belt?- this is due to be replaced in 12k miles anyway)
Cables- Throttle, (Clutch? thought it was hydraulic?)
Length of fuel hose
O rings for QD fuel connectors
Levers- Clutch/Brake/Gear
Spare fuses
Spark plugs
Cable ties/WD40/Duct tape
Liquid metal repair/glue/Locktite
Seals for gear, shaft & engine oil changes
Oil filter
Brake pads
Puncture repair kit

Also is fitting the TT hard part steering stop really necessary or can you just cable-tie some rubber door stops to the yolk?!

Phew! So is this lot a bit much or about the norm?

Any guidance appreciated!

Frank Warner 28 Jul 2006 01:06

Too much - you will be able to buy the consumables (oil, petrol, oil filter, brake pads) on your tip .. no need to carry them! Just buy them at some convienent place .. Just like tyres ...

What you want to take is stuff that will stop you AND can easilly be replaced by you .. quickly. Stuff that takes time .. well while your taking the time the parts can be shipped to you. What stuff have YOU had fail and need replacing beside the road?

Me? Yes to the fuel filter (gets clogged with bad fuel and you can get that anywheres). A spare spark plug (two if you use different ones on a dual spark). Puncture repair kit. Spare fuses. Length of fuel hose. O rings for QD fuel connectors. Lengths of electrical wire, electrical tape, duct tape, bailing wire. Some nuts and bolts various...

I'd put the new alternator belt on a month before the trip. New tyres and brake pads.

Hand levers? On a boxer?! You'd be hard pressed to hit them on any fall...

MikeS 28 Jul 2006 09:26

Cheers Frank,

Yeah, I've seen everything from the complete pessimist to the total optimist in terms of what to bring along. Personally I don't think things like levers are to likely to get broken with the hand guards anyway and I'm going to replace the poly v belt, tyres etc anyhow before I ship it out.

In terms of my own breakdowns, over several different bikes I can only think of a few- running out of petrol in the Borders at night, main fuse blowing (twice) and my clutch cable snapping in the middle of Edinburghs Lothian Road (well known haunt for drunk chavs)!

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