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David A 9 Apr 2001 11:14

R1100gs Shaft Drive

Can anyone explain what goes wrong with a shaft drive after 30000 miles.Mines gone 5000 past this figure and I wanted to do more then just having my fingers crossed!

John Ferris 9 Apr 2001 12:41

On the R100GS and R100R one of the 2
u-joints would go out. I think when they went to the R1100GS they fixed the problem.

Grant Johnson 9 Apr 2001 22:26

I'll confirm that, there are no reported problems with R11xxGS shafts.

Grant Johnson

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PPiA 28 Nov 2001 03:48

Just looking through the threads and saw this one.
I have broken the rear universal joint and replaced a worn front one (and shaft) on my 1100GS. The rear broke from doing wheelstands off gutters. The front may have suffered from them as well.

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travis stark 11 Dec 2001 12:52

If when they switched to the R11xx and they fixed the shaft drive, what did they do and is the new and improved shaft interchangable with the R100's? I like my '93 PD but am leery about the final drive..

John Ferris 12 Dec 2001 01:48

BMW did not make any parts interchangeable in between the R11xx bikes and the older "airheads". Some people are working on a driveshaft fix. Touratech has a driveshaft but I know someone who tried it and it did not fit inside the paralever case. Touratech told him to grind out the inside of the case. He sent the driveshaft back and got a credit for other Touratech stuff, not a refund.
People are working on a fix go to: www.ibmwr.org/ click on searshable archives, subject driveshaft, under both technical and general dissussion.
also www.airheads.org/ and the GS owners list www.gs-owner-list.de/index.htm (german) www.rcb.org/bmw-gs.htm (river city beemers)
Put your bike on the centerstand in neutral
and turn the rear wheel in the normal direction of travel. If it goes "clunk-clunk)
I would get a new driveshaft. Also watch the needle sleeve bearings just forward of the reardrive.

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