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Nigel Marx 23 Feb 2003 15:09

R100GS PD Rocker C over
A friend (Wandering Andy) had the unfortunate experience of dropping his PD at 110Km/h on his way to visit us, when his front tyre deflated due to a poorly repaired tube. I am impressed at the crash-resistance of both the bike and him (Bike has bent engine bar, worn thru rocker cover, smashed front brake resivoir, and minor scuffing to the fairing blade and pannier brackets; Andy has a broken bone in one hand). He has asked me to get the rocker cover fixed but I can't get it off! I have the sleeve bolt in the center removed without a problem and have the cover moved a little (1-2mm at the carb end) but can't get the front (exhurst end) to move at all. I am reluctant to get too physical as I don't want to damage it even more. So far I have used a rubbber mallet and then an engineers hammer and flat headed punch on some of the stronger looking fins to no avail. Is there a secret? Does someone have a tip for me? TIA to all the Air-head gurus.

Nigel in NZ
F650, K100RS, 2 x Suzuki TS185ER K2 (NZ to UK bikes in preparation right now)

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chris 23 Feb 2003 18:33

i presume you have also removed the 2 10mm nuts that also afix the rocker to the head? there is one on either side, the front one (exhaust end) on the right side is underneath the exhaust. quite fiddly, but with a magnet it is easier. don't forget the washers.

FYI: all airhead rockers since WW2?? are the same (on the inside). that means left = right and they can be rotated through 180 degrees.

i suggest you clean the rocker with petrol, inside and out, sand it down, get some 2 pot plastics metal and plug the hole(s). be careful on the inside, because the tappets get quite close to the inside of the housing. easy job.

be careful, the gasket is v. fragile! if necessary, use high temp silicon to aid sealing the gasket. put the rocker back on upside down (i.e. repair to the top). no problemo. i learnt how to do this in northern kenya on the moyale-isiolo road when the only other vehicle that passed all day happened to be an austrian overlander in a campervan!


Nigel Marx 25 Feb 2003 06:37

Gulp..... I found those nuts under the head, covered in finest Nelson clay..... Good thing I was gentle...



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