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Julio 7 Sep 2002 19:29

R100 GS Front Brake
Hi All

My front brake on my GS is useless, it's been cleaned etc and had new pads but after having a break from the bike and riding my road bike. I forgot how bad it was.

Any one got any suggestions, brembo 4 pot caliper have been recommended and change the discs.



Fuzzy Duck 7 Sep 2002 23:58

Cast Iron discs are much better than stainless steel - you could also try a goodridge brake line - I believe it's possible to have a twin disc conversion too - but this will probably require a change of forks - and from what I've heard it's not all that much better than the 4-pot option.

Fuzzy Duck
(I'm quackers about bikes)

Grant Johnson 8 Sep 2002 03:08

Forget the twin disks - way too heavy and expensive for the improvement.

I went for a 320mm disk from M.A.P. Engineering - although I'm sure ther are others available in the UK more easily that will work.

Cast Iron is good, but a pain - and ugly - for street / off-road use. A good high carbon stainless disk is fine.

Then I put a Performance Machine 6 piston caliper on it - a huge difference - even from my PM 4 pot caliper that was on it before, which was a big improvement over stock.

Add a braided stainless line, and you'll be most impressed, I guarantee it.

Links to both suppliers above on the Links page.

See the story on my bike for pics of the new brake.


Grant Johnson

Seek, and ye shall find.


One world, Two wheels.

Julio 9 Sep 2002 01:38

Hi guys

Will have a look into the options, already have a braided hose on it so one less job to do.



nobby 12 Sep 2002 21:20

hi julio
motorworks do a ready made conversion using a k1100 caliper which works a treat

cheers chris

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