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zippy 14 Sep 2002 21:32

R series Airhead "x"parts what can be swaped
I was wondering with bmw genuine parts so expensive ,and with the abudance of dead cars all over the world.
Anyone know what bits can be swapped
Could be a quicker way for a traveller to get on the move again,and leave more money for "My friend visited the grand erg occidental ,and all I got was this lousy T -shirt" gifts
I ve got a vague Idea some Alfasud starter motors could be used.
Someone Knows ,any ideas?

Ride free (or as cheaply as possible)

Mombassa 15 Sep 2002 02:11

Well, for a start, try this link. http://www.ibmwr.org/otech/partsubs.html

As well, you can get Transpo ignition modules 12 14 1 244 477 http://www.transpo.de/cgi-win/product.exe?bm300 from Rocky Point Cycle, use a Saturn starter instead of a Valeo,

Oil sender unit is NAPA OP6065 or Lordco WA611

Voltage regulators are

Transpo IB301A
or Wells VR650, part no. 19-5302 at Canadian Tire.



zippy 19 Sep 2002 00:30

Thanks for that .
The website was good. It was a bit biased to North American products,anyone else got any Info.? Airheads get everywhere.
Thanks ZIPPY

R.Frankham 11 Nov 2002 04:43

One thing that springs to mind... The ignition module used on the post '81 Boxers is said to be identical to that used on MkII Vauxhall Cavaliers. Should be a few of them hangijng around in the scrap yards.

Another good idea, if you need an electrical part, is to contact an auto electrics specialist. They can often supply the part at a fraction of the BMW charge. A Case in point... I had to replace the Stator windings on a boxer a few years ago. BMW will not supply the windings on their own, they come complete with the cover and brush holders. Seems they don't think we are capable of making the three solder joints at the coil connections. By using an alternative source, I was able to buy the coils, do the solder job (about 10 minutes) and save nearly £50 on the deal.


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