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Ekke 25 Feb 2004 01:19

Quick disconnect for fuel line on fuel injected bike?
I am looking at moving from my R100GS to a new R1200GS. Currently we use an MSR Dragonfly multi-fuel stove that we use gasoline in. I've got a quick disconnect on the old airhead for filling the stove.

Is it possible to have a quick disconnect installed on the new, fuel injected bike?

G. Kennedy 25 Feb 2004 10:49

Yes, quick disconnects work w/ fuel injected bikes. The 1150 ADV comes with factory installed quick disconnects, so the 1200 GS will probably come with them too. I have installed QD's on my R1100 GS and they work fine.

Hudzilla 4 Mar 2004 04:23

The problem with injected bike quick disconnets is that they seal on both ends when disconnected. The gas in the line is a t quite a high pressure and poses a signicant risk when sprayed out. THis is why they are going to quick disconnects since taking a tank off requires depressuring the fuel lines before removal.
No smoking please...

A small siphon would be much safer.

Taos, NM

G. Kennedy 9 Mar 2004 20:40

This is true!!! I forgot to mention that the quick disconnects I use automatically seal when disconnected. I then have a hose (with appropriate connector)which I can connect to the return line to drain fuel when needed.

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