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bigblackfalco 8 Jul 2002 15:00

Paralever driveshafts(again)
My shaft(!!) is showing signs of self-destruction at 53'000 miles.I have read lots of posts regarding the subject,but nothing conclusive.Apparently there is a guy in Germany who rebuilds worn needle bearings if the UJ is serviceable.Has anyone gone this route,or does anyone know of another method of repair?Or is it easier to just buy a new one(£300.00!! ouch!).
I had letter from BMW GB saying that they were offering a free inspection of GS Paralever shafts due to a high volume of failiures.Has anyone had a positive result via this method i.e. a replacement shaft from BMW free of charge???
Austin@Brackens M/C says that the late model GS Basics have a shorter rear shock which helps to prolong the shaft/UJ.Has anyone tried this??
All info gratefully received.

nobby 12 Jul 2002 00:40

hi bailey
the shaft is not that expensive I was quoted £200 new shaft for vines of guildford or erich demant will rebuild them for 250 euros email Erdemant@aol.com
cheers chris

bigblackfalco 13 Jul 2002 23:58

Cheers Chris,have ordered new one from
Apparently(according to Jim@Cray engineering) UJ rebuilds aren't very good
as not many get repaired with the correct needle roller bearings.
I am also shortening my Technoflex shock by 10mm to put less strain on the shaft(the same length as the WP shocks fitted to the GS Basic/Kalahari models.

Julio 15 Jul 2002 03:20

Hi Guys


Did a total rebuild on my Bike including shaft.

Did 4500 miles in Morrocco on some heavy Piste and all I can say was the Bike felt like it was brand new.

It felt really smooth and although it was expensive worth every penny for the peace of mind.


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