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luckro 3 Mar 2011 16:33

Old style airhead mechanics in Turkey - enclosed are details (Adana + Fethiyer)
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Just to reiterate Ekke’s earlier post in answer to my plea. The below mechanic is a top-quality old style BMW airhead mechanic based in Adana, on the south coast of Turkey, a little before the Syrian border.

Enver Akbas
0322-352-5294 (int’l: +90-322-352-5294)
M: 0532-667-4525

To find his workshop, just head for the city centre – merkezi. He’s fairly close to the giant new white mosque there. Or do what I did – stop at the first BMW Auto dealer in the suburbs on the ride in. Turkish are so helpful, just pass them his number, they’ll call him and Enver will come and get you.

Enver speaks no English, but Erhan who helps him speaks a little, while there’s always someone around the sooq who can speak some. Besides, they know their business so well they see and hear what needs to be done. You just point and have faith you'll be treated very fairly.

It was a pure delight being there. Everything about the people and the place is quality: all three working together on your machine, no smarty-pants speed which is invariably sloppy, but just good old fashioned rhythm, and working with pride as though it were there machine.

And great value. For USD 300, I got: fully-cleaned carbs, which were then balanced once the valves were checked (all by hand and ear) + new head gaskets and cleaned head covers since some of the desert had crept into the covers; new oil-pressure thingamejig nut which had been leaking; new brake shoes and cleaned drums (oil had leaked in through knackered seal from bevel drive), change of oil incl boron coating + oil filter . . . plus they made and fitted a brace for my sub-frame – an amazing job which took half a day, incl spray paint.

Overall, a whole day's labour + parts + lots of tea and the company of splendid people. He must have a dozen old airheads about the place, along with a mint R60 he was checking over while I was there.

Have attached three pics for those interested - the R60 + my R80 G/S.

I have also heard of another old-style airhead mechanic near FETHIYE – Göcek - on the South Eastern coast, 20 mins from Dalaman Intl airport. He works with a bike touring company called Bike Turkey. Contact Robert Khodadad. He also offered to store by bike free for a month. I am arranging things from Ankara, however, so didn’t take him up on his generous offer.

I got his details by contacting OMM on line (Turkish bikers group).

Web: Bike Turkey Home
Office: +90 252 645 2450
Fax: +90 252 645 2449
Mob: +90 533 662 4886

All the best,


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