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John Roberts 18 Mar 2004 18:16

Noisy Helmets on R100RS
Are all helmets noisy on 1982 R100RS's or is it just the standard screen? It gets a lot quieter when you either stand up on the pegs into the clear air or when you crouch behind the screen. So; new helmet, new, higher screen or new bike? I've just had a hearing test, and my hearing is well down on the average, 22 years on the beast seems to have done a fair amount of damage. I'm using earplugs for now, but find them uncomfortable.

Grant Johnson 18 Mar 2004 22:14

Ear plugs are considered a necessity on the R100RS. A new screen may be able to solve the problem. Also Saeng makes an edging for the screen that significantly changes the airflow.

Finally, try custom fitted earplugs - I don't even notice mine any more.

Grant Johnson

Seek, and ye shall find.


One world, Two wheels.

Steve Pickford 19 Mar 2004 12:37

Grant's suggestion of earplugs is the best option.

I too found them uncomfortable & unable to wear them for more than 15 miles until I tried some of a different size & shape. I now wear them whenever I'm riding, regardless of the bike.

There is a company who sells a selection pack of about 25 different earplugs, so that you can find one you're happy with - it makes for an easy comparison. Let me know if you want more details as I don't have them with me at the moment, although I have posted them here before. Try doing a search for "earplugs", the company name is "Lucy Dell".



John Ferris 19 Mar 2004 23:52

I cut my windshield down 2". It is much quieter. But I still wear ear plugs.

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