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t0by 5 Nov 2002 14:29

My first GS??
Hi Folks

I am eyeing an R80GS on ebay:

Never owned a BMW, and am lookign to satisfy a little curiousity while giving the girlfriend a more comfortable mount than my KLR. I have contacted the seller of the above bike and he was able to give a long positive history, assure there are zero outsanding mechanical issues and no oil-buring etc,

What do you think of this bike? I am looking for a reliable, not-too-costly long haul machine for 90% asphalt riding. Have a concern that being 6'6" I might fare better witha larger bike.

What do you think it is worth? How much would you pay? Any known issues with this model that I should look out for?

Any tips would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

John Ferris 5 Nov 2002 21:27

Go to http://www.ibmwr.org/market/
That will give you an idea of what others are "asking" for their bikes.
Then go to www.airheads.org
Go to the botton of the page and get on the mailing list. You don't have to join the club to get on the list.
I hope this helps. John

Roboyobo 6 Nov 2002 00:09

You might actually find the GS a bit short - you'd better try one first. I changed from an F650 to an R100GSPD and found that the seat was lower and the footrests higher, hence bent legs, which took a while to get used to. There is a footrest lowering kit available from Touratech, but if you want to fit this, then make sure that you don't have a non-standard side stand fitted (the original will seem quite far forward).

It's something that causes me problems on long stretches, and i'm only 5'7".

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