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Mr. Ron 12 May 2004 11:28

Hello. Last night i sent an e-mail to Motobins asking if they will ship to Canada. Today Hotmail send a non-delivery notice. Could anyone out there tell me if they ship to Canada. I calculate a 50-60% savings in parts even after shipping!! Too bad we're getting so ripped-off here in the west, it would be a greater shame if they no longer delivered here!

Frank Warner 12 May 2004 12:22

sales@motobins.co.uk ?

Still delivering to OZ. I think you will find they will ship things to Canada and the US. But not all things owing to
litigation issues
your local importer complaining!!!!

you could try faxing them. +44 (0)1775 680860

nobby 12 May 2004 16:04

motor works are great as well

hope your well ron hopefully out in bc next feb

take care nobby

mcdarbyfeast 13 May 2004 05:51

Thoroughly recommend 'Motorworks' as detailed above. They were were more than helpful on numerous occassions both in UK and abroad.

Cameron 13 May 2004 10:12

Hi Ron, Unfortunatly I think that Continental North America has become a "no ship" zone for many International parts suppliers due to fallout from 9-11. Tightened Customs regs and liability problems are just to much trouble for them. And as I am sure you are well aware most of our friends to the south won't ship here either... Join the UKGSERS and ask to have someone there send you the parts you need. Both motobins and motorworks are good and I might be needing some parts soon also, perhaps we can place a bulk order? cheers, Peter

Mr. Ron 17 May 2004 05:19

Hello.Finally received word from Motobins, they say they will ship to Canada no problem!!

Cameron 17 May 2004 11:22

Thats good to know. When you get your parts could you let us know how much duty is charged.

Grant Johnson 18 May 2004 03:18

There should be no duty, only pst and gst.

Mr. Ron 18 May 2004 09:40

Thanx Grant. Cameron, i'll try to reach you when i've saved up enough money to place my order, maybe we can split shipping costs!?!

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