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barry1616 2 Jan 2012 20:30

lowering 1200gs
Just finished lowering my 07 r1200 gs 1 1/2 inches.
Ted Porter from Ted's Bemmer shop in Calif. was beyond great in helping
me understand the process and above all doing what I needed to accommodate my inseam challenged legs (29") without compromising handling.The cost was about $1200.00 and with a Clymer manual and my Buddy Brian Lea's help
It was fairly straight foreward.The fuel tank has to come off and in my case the
alt. shroud as well to get the old front shock out.The only glitch was the bike would not start and we had to take the cover off the fuel pump and one of the sensers was not quite seated.Not a big deal.Come on summer!!!!
Waiting it out on Rainy Vancouver Island.
Barry 1616

maja 17 Feb 2012 20:09

I've got a 27" inside leg and a 1200GS with a low seat, a BMW option. Cost me less than US$200.00 took about 3 mins to change seats and I can get both feet flat on the ground with the boxes on and a touring load. Overall yes it is a bit big and took a little bit of getting used to and maybe given my time again I might have bought some other beast but after 150,000mls (250,000km) 98% overseas occasionally on unsealed roads, Africa twice, Alaska, Yukon, Labrador, and the South American classics Rt 40, Caraterra Austral, Road of Death and others I ended up on by accident and couldn't turn the bike round and just had to keep going , maybe not. Just think what you could have done with the extra US$1,000.00 in your travel wallet. Ride safe.

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