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KevOK 3 Nov 2009 03:03

leaking seal between gearbox and drive shaft
Hi Guys,
Would anyone know why the seal between the gearbox and drive shaft on my 1200 gsa keeps leaking. I've had it replaced twice already and now the 3rd one has started to leak after around 400km. The first replacement seal failed after 1200km and left me stranded. I don't want that happening again.
thanks for the help guys

*Touring Ted* 3 Nov 2009 10:37

Sorry to say, because it's a BMW... All marketing and no design.

I'm sure this was a design fault with early 1200's, I suggest you ask on the GS website.

Did you have the seal replaced by BMW or do it yourself ??

If BMW did it, get them to do it again PROPERLY for free.

KevOK 3 Nov 2009 10:52

thanks bud,
Yea I had it replaced by BMW twice now and it's leaking again. they said there was nothing wrong with the last one but the replaced it anyhow just to be sure but this one has started leaking as well. They fixed it for free the last time and I guess they had better do it again. Thanks for the info.

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