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davidlomax 23 Mar 2004 23:53

Last R100GS built?
I have recently been toying with the idea of purchasing a BMW rather than my usual mix of Japanese equipment. It seems that the R100GS is the ideal bike preferably in Dakar trim, although like all long distance bikes the mods will probably overshadow the original bits by the time I go anywhere!!

Although I know that they are pretty old bikes now I met someone travelling back from Africa last year who (I think) told me that after BMW stopped production in 93' they started making them again in 96' due to popular demand (I am in the UK).

Is there any difference between these models if that is the case? And where would be my best bet for finding one? My usual bike sources are not turning up any BMW's!!!!

Many Thanks,

Dave Lomax

Timo 24 Mar 2004 00:26

I believe that the last GS availible in the UK were the 'Basic' series, which were a bit of a parts bin special, with R100/R80 GS running gear and the older headlight off of the 80's R80G/S. Availible up until around 95-97 I believe. There was also a Kalahari edition that was sold in the South African market until about 97.


The above link is the best information that I have of the various models. Don't overlook the F650 single for solo travel. If you are used to Japanese singles, then this might be more familiar and is still availible new.

Have a look through the older posts here - lots of good info. If you want an 'airhead' GS then you should still be able to find good used R100GS/R80GS built from 88 on. Yes, modifications will have to be made, but the same is true for most bikes. Again, a good read throught the posts here will give you lots of excellent background on what to look for/ plan for.

Fuzzy Duck 24 Mar 2004 03:59

The BMW club have a monthly journal which often has a 80GS or 100GS in.

You could become a member as it's handy for spares and meeting other BMW riders, etc.

Or you could cheat and just ask someone else who is a member to have a look for you and email the details.

I'm having problems with my membership, so haven't got the March journal yet - but email me if you want me to have a look for you when it arrives...

PDs are a bit rarer, but you can modify a GS to get it near PD spec - this is what I did... and made mine a single seater with rack, 43 L tank, Tesch panniers, Ohlins shock, Wirth progressive spings, bar risers, lower pegs, sheepskin seat, heated grips, etc, etc

Then there's the old paralever, monolever debate... have a look at http://www.ukgser.com - they have an airhead section which is full of stuff about boxers...

Hope this helps

Fuzzy Duck
(I'm quackers about bikes)

Steve Pickford 24 Mar 2004 13:14


Tried e-mailing you direct about the R80GS Paralever that I'm selling but encountered problems?

Photo's & lengthy service record available, let me know if you're interested?



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