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Tim Wood 20 Sep 2010 06:28

Ignition Canister
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I've finally found someone (in the UK) who can supply the ignition can connectors for the R100. They are Auto Electrical Components, Parts and Accessories for Trade and DIY: Polevolt Ltd. It's the male side which is very difficult to obtain and I needed one for a spare can. They're under "sealed connectors" and are called "junior power timer" connectors.

dc lindberg 20 Sep 2010 08:17

Thank you!
3 way Packard timer connector. (VW/Audi): 10803
J.P.T. Female connector. Black. 3 way.: 20920
J.P.T. Male connector. Black. 3 way.: 10663


Svenska BMW MC Klubben • Visa tråd - Trasiga ITU - Tändimpulsgivare /7 1981-1995

Tim Wood 21 Oct 2010 06:28

Unfortunately this supplier will only post to addresses within the UK, as stated on their site. When I emailed them about it I never got a reply. I had to order some connectors via a friend in the UK and they've arrived as promised and fit perfectly. A small problem for those outside the UK but not insurmountable I hope. Perhaps someone like Motobins could stock them?

dc lindberg 22 Oct 2010 07:56

So that's why they still have to respond to my e-mail...
Poor manners!
Not what I would expect of Englishmen...

So John Cleese did have a point with Fawelty Towers... :innocent:

Tim Wood 22 Oct 2010 17:25

I guess if they say "no international orders", why should they reply to a query for an international order? Still, it's poor. I have advised Motobins in the UK of the situation, so hopefully they might stock the parts for international customers. I know any suitable electrical connector will work, but it's nice to have the real thing to avoid modifying the bike. In my case, I've rebuilt a spare can with a new transistor but it also needed the connector.

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