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Rick Wetzel 14 Mar 2002 22:34

HPN tank/oilcoler/fender placement problems.
I am having interference problems with the relocated oil cooler on my bike.It is mounted in front of the engine on the crossbar,and hits the front fender a little. The cooler has been moved due to the big gas tank. Is there a recommended fender that works best? I think I have an accerbis on it now.( high mounted)
And where is the best place to put the horn?Thanks a whole bunch!!! Rick in Oregon

Grant Johnson 15 Mar 2002 01:47

I'm using the BMW cooler there too, up high in the same place as the original mounting used way back in the 80's on the R100RT etc. Also with an Acerbis fender. Mine is an R80G/S, assume yours is an R100gs. That may make a difference.
With a little tweaking it will clear. I ground small notches in the frame gussets to allow the filter to move back a bit, and fiddled the mount around till it was as far back as possible. Also mounted the fender slghtly lower using extra washers. My stock fiberglass cover for the filter, much ground away to clear, just clears - most of the time. So it can be done.

The horns are mounted on the crash bar u-clamp bolts each side. (top of the crash bar) Be sure to use the BMW multi-plated mount brackets or the horn(s) will fall off!

Have fun!

Grant Johnson

One world, Two wheels.

Sean Kelly 15 Mar 2002 15:57


I found that my horn fitted on the orginal mounting if I used a 20mm spacer to move it forward. I have a low mud guard so no fouling with the oil cooler.

I've just bought a pair of very loud secondhand fiamms but can't seem to find anywhere to put them. Grant, can you send a picture of where you located yours as I can't quite work it out from your description? Maybe its because my bike is a GS with bull bars that I'm confused.



Rick Wetzel 15 Mar 2002 21:19

Thanks Sean and Grant.
Boy Grant, I dont know how you are able to find the time to read and respond to everybody problems. Very impressive!!
I think I will try the spacer trick too.
I have also been toying with the idea of trying to heat and change the shape just slightly with a heat gun. Becouse the new arc probably will not hold its new shape, I thought I could arc a piece of stainless and rivet it in place to keep it there. (?)
Well see, I'll let all know what happens!
(P.S. I hope this letter doesnt show up twice, as somehow I deleted or something, my first try.)

Fuzzy Duck 17 Mar 2002 22:46

Re Fiamms

I've made a small H-shaped bracket that fits under the seat - just above the battery, resting on top of the sub-frame. This might be where a tooltray usually goes - but mine is missing. The Fiamms are bolted to the bracket along with the alarm. It can easily be removed - so access to the battery is no problem.

I originally mounted them on the a bracket attached to the top of the forks - but the air pressure prevented them from working at speeds above 40 mph. Since mounting them under the seat I've had no problems - they are very audible and out of the way!

Fuzzy Duck
(I'm quackers about bikes)

Grant Johnson 18 Mar 2002 01:36

Here's a photo of the horn installation - not a great photo, I was actually shooting something else, but it should give all you need. You can just make out the left horn as well.


My horns are orginal BMW - the G/S comes with a single horn, can't remember if it's the low or hi tone, but the dealer will know, and you can just buy the other one. Good and loud, much better as a pair.

I have a bunch more photos of mods to my bike to post in the tripplanning/bike section to post sometime in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

Rick - it's simple - don't have a life! This is all we both do. Next all we need to do is make a living at it! I trust everyone has been to the new HU Souk and bought a cool new Horizons Unlimited Member or Gold Member T-shirt / hat / mug etc? your support is appreciated! http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

Grant Johnson

One world, Two wheels.

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Sean Kelly 26 Mar 2002 14:12

Hi Grant

Thanks for the photos. My bike has the bull bars and HPN tank, so there is no place to tuck the horns out of the way as you have done. Nevertheless, just one of the original BMW FIAMM horns that I bought for £6 is much louder than the standard unit.

Despite mounting the cooler itself no problem, I haven't been able to remove the original, short oil filter tube from the bottom of the recess where the filter sits. The metal is starting to get damaged from my ham fisted attempts to shift it. I think it may be necessary to make a special tool to shift it. Any ideas appreciated.


Grant Johnson 27 Mar 2002 00:30

yes, it is VERY tight - loctited in.

I'd recommend a tool made to fit the new one snugly, that should work. I simply used a VERY big screwdriver which fit nicely, and it came out, but that was done when the bike hadn't ever been run.

A big screwdriver with a piece of appropriate sized pipe around it to prevent the filter pipe from spreading and tearing the end off should do the job.

Also a bit of heat from a torch on the aluminum may help a lot.

good luck!

Grant Johnson

One world, Two wheels.

Sean Kelly 17 Apr 2002 17:38

Hi Grant

Streuth! That filter tube is tight. So tight in fact that my local BMW dealer has just informed me that it will not come out, despite copious heat and as much abuse as they dare apply without risk of breaking it. And I'm not willing to strip the engine to shift it.

Therefore, I shall be riding UK to Australia without my beautiful £250 HPN thermostatted oil cooler!


Grant Johnson 18 Apr 2002 11:40


"I'm not willing to strip the engine to shift it."

Won't make any difference - it doesn't get any easier to get at.

If you were committed, I'm sure it would come out - but you'd be committed to destroying it in the process.

Assuming it's been soaked in penetrating oil,

  • frozen rod placed inside the tube after heating
  • An easi-out (for removing damaged screws)
  • A machined tool - basically the 'big screwdriver with a piece of appropriate sized pipe around it to prevent the filter pipe from spreading and tearing the end off' but carefully machined to be just right.
A combination of 1 and 3 is probably the way to go.

Or, since you're not going to need the thermostat, you can toss it my way!

Grant Johnson

One world, Two wheels.

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