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fernan_ci 2 Feb 2008 17:53

How to stop oil consumption? (R1100GS)
Hi, I have a 94' R1100GS, and oil consumption is about 1liter/1200km, there is any way to stop it?

Dodger 2 Feb 2008 19:38


Originally Posted by fernan_ci (Post 172353)
Hi, I have a 94' R1100GS, and oil consumption is about 1liter/1200km, there is any way to stop it?

Yes there is a way to stop it .
But you will have to find out why it is consuming oil .
It could be leaking , which is obvious .
Or it could be burning oil which MAY be visible from the exhaust .
Oil smoke on 3/4 to full throttle under load indicates piston ring or cylinder bore wear.
Oil smoke after snapping the throttle shut after a period of high throttle running under load indicates valve guide wear or worn valve guide seals .
A compression test of the engine will reveal more details .

fernan_ci 2 Feb 2008 20:00

yes it´s visible from the exhaust when the engine is cold, and I think I should go to BMW´s to check all the other things, is right?

Dodger 2 Feb 2008 20:09

No ,the engine should be warm before you look for smoke .
Oil smoke is grey/blue and has a characteristic acrid smell .

If you don't have any mechanical ability ,then you will have to use a mechanic .
A good motorbike mechanic is OK , not necessarily a BMW mechanic [ expensive sometimes ] .

fernan_ci 2 Feb 2008 20:23

when the engine is cold, I see the smoke quite white/blue, and I feel the oil smell, then I will take the bike to the mechanic, and if could be non bmw´s, then is better(because of the price).

Carl P 2 Feb 2008 22:06

How many KM's has the bike done? Generally a GS will use some oil from new & continue to do so, having said that, they can do a massive mileage before it gets excessive, I can't remember but I think BMW says as much as 1lt per 1000Kms is acceptable limit, which is a lot by other makes standards.
Are you sure you aren't overfilling the engine, it's very easy to put too much oil in if your method of checking isn't as per handbook, in which case it will blow it out into air box & burn some, before you fill it again thinking its low. :cool4:

fernan_ci 2 Feb 2008 22:19

I´m not overfilling the engine, and the bike is now 99.000km, and 30.000km ago was 0.5liter/1.500km, but with the time is growing. I will do a cilinder compression test, will be ok?

Carl P 2 Feb 2008 22:38

That's not a high mileage for one of these engines, try checking the crankcase breather on to of the engine under the tank, the pipe might be trapped increasing crankcase pressure & forcing oil past the rings? Are you using a different oil to before? Mineral to synthetic? Thinner?, just guessing.

fernan_ci 2 Feb 2008 23:01

I always use this oil "CASTROL ACT>EVO GP 4T 20W-50", maybe I should need something different? and I will check the crankcase breather too.

Carl P 2 Feb 2008 23:09

That oil should be fine, 20/50 is what's recommended by BMW.
Let us know what you find with the comp test & breather, good luck :thumbup1:

fernan_ci 2 Feb 2008 23:13

this month I will do all, and I will write the result of all:mchappy:

Stevie2wheels 5 Feb 2008 07:02

Oil consumption.
I have a 97 1100GS with 85,000k's. That rate of oil loss sounds ok. I'm also pretty sure a boxer engine will consume more oil than some other engines. If it goes ok, feels ok don't sweat it, ride the thing!

I usually take a bit of oil for top ups on trips no biggie!


Margus 5 Feb 2008 08:11

The oil loss is near to the maximum allowed amount by BMW spec, but within the limit, so should be OK. But most of the oilheads I've got info about oil consumption varies around from few hundred millilitres to litre per 5000km. Both of my 1998 have taken around 500-800ml per 10,000km, more if I use sidestand. Intense use of sidestand, especially on overnight stays can considerably increase the oil consumption (last gulp of oil from the last stroke flows into exhaust in the bottom cylinder that is below).

My quick checklist would be:
  • Has the bike had a proper run-in in the beginning or was it trashed or the first 1000km oil not replaced when it had less than 30,000km (oilheads average run-in time)?
  • How often are you using sidestand? Do you leave the bike on the sidestand for every night or put it on the center stand?
  • Does the exhaust smoke only in the morning's cold starts or all the time?

As said according to spec the consumption should be OK-acceptable. But for a paranoid person like me, if the "problem" continues, I'd rather replace the oil rings and also piston rings as a "while I'm there" job. Search for a competent motorcycle mechanic or do it yourself if you've got some mechanical experiences - you'll find that the boxers are so easy to work on such jobs if you have the manual with you in the garage. Just make sure you have the timing chain correct according to manual on mounting all back together or you'll end up with a disaster ;).

Note that if you'll replace the oil rings the consumption temporary may be even higher for some time as the oilhead BMWs have extremely stiff oil rings (that's why you see over 600,000km ridden R11xx bikes that still have the original pistons and rings - and still within acceptable compression and oil consumption!), it takes around longish 20,000 to 30,000km to properly run them in, so don't be that hard handed on the bike during that time, keep the revs low.

Let us know what results you'll get from the compression test and whether you'll accept the high consumption and ride on or decide to replace the rings :)

Cheers, Margus

fernan_ci 5 Feb 2008 16:20

ok, this month I will do the compression test and I will write the result, what I will do and how is going, thanks for all.

oldbmw 5 Feb 2008 21:41

margus gives some good pointers..
one of the major problems with the nicasil bores is they are so hard it take along while for the rings to bed in properly. Often 10Km or so. Unfortunately people sometimes switch from running in oil too soon with synthetic. this can prevent the rings from ever bedding in.

Unless you are very unlucky. a deglaze and new rings are likely to effect a complete cure, but do use mineral oil for the first 10Km. with a first change and filter at a very short interval.

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