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loubutler 21 Feb 2010 18:20

HELP - Centre stand f650gs twin
Bought f650gs twin 58 plate and decided at the time - as i was new rider and a short arse - to have lowered suspension ! Although i knew at time that a centre stand wasn't possible, I was under the impression that it could have suspension and stand at later date.

I've since asked bmw and have been told the suspension is now factory set and it's not possible...............:thumbdown:

HELP................I'm off round africa in sept and really think a centre stand would be a bonus, any answers ! There's only an inch difference in the heights, so i assume its related to the 'length' of it when your trying to get the bike on the stand :confused1:

ssbon 21 Feb 2010 23:39

centre stand
hi could you not find a welder round your way who could cut the feet of the end of the stand shorten the legs and then reweld the feet back on if you get what i mean steve

loubutler 1 Mar 2010 13:49

Hi Steve,

Yes, understand what you mean !! My brother is a fabricator/welder and could do the job no problem !

First i need to get hold of a center stand suitable for my bike..........think I may have found one, just need to double check :mchappy:


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