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8340SU 10 Jun 2011 18:46

gs650 in Russia, fuel starting problems
On a trip to Mongolia.
4000km ago in Macedonia one morning the bike acted strange and stoped as if was running out of gas.
5 min later, starter button, and off she goes.

On ocasions since then, the bike had a strange behavior, the same kind of thing. Some times when I pull the throttle it wouldn't respond as if it was with no gas.

Yesterday, after a short ride on a rough road the same thing happened, this time the bike stop and, ignition on, no lights, no start button nothing.

I manage to get the bike to a town connecting the red and black cables that go to the starter relay.
I had to do this several times, because the bike died on me, on red lights etc...
In the end no lights on even with that "wild connection".

Today with a new relay that I found by miracle (don't know if the original one works or not), the lights do get on but no starter sound, even if there is power coming from the starter switch.

Any ideas on how do I get out of here??


dc lindberg 10 Jun 2011 19:08

Does that model have a hallsensor ignition?

On the R80-100 models 1981-on, it would be highly probable that the hallsensor is busted when they behave as you describe that your GS650 does...

What ever it is - you do describe an electrical fault, but where on the bike?...

* Do you get sparks ?
* Do you get petrol (is that model equipped with carbs or injection?) ?

Tony P 10 Jun 2011 20:44

You will get good information here on HUBB - but you could also try asking on a website forum specific to the bike - like BMW F650 Forums

palica 11 Jun 2011 13:27

I don't know the G650 pretty well, but I know a lot of friends had problems with the side stand switch which does not support water, dust etc... A quick and simple way to fix it is just to bypass it. It takes less than 5 mns. Even if it is not the problem on your bike, it could raise in the future so I would do it.
Otherwise, the G650 gurus should show up during the weekend if they are not traveling around the world. Good luck.

Tony P 11 Jun 2011 15:11

I think 8340SU's bike is a F650GS - not a G650. Not that there is much difference in a lot of them.

Oddly enough, Motoreiter is at this very moment stranded on the shores of Lake Baikal on his G650X with similar electrical problems.
He had just ridden 300-400Km of Asphalt which, being Russia, was a bit bumpy.
Suddenly, all together -
-The ABS light came on
-the speedometer went to Zero
-Engine ran very poorly, cutting out

A minute or so it restarted and all worked OK for another minute or so then the same things happened again.
And again.
And again.

The battery is now flat so it is going to go on charge overnight.

8340SU 12 Jun 2011 06:40

thanks for your sugestions.

A friend of mine back in Lisbon (via mails) manage to come up with a solution for the electic problem.
We connected the the gray cable that comes out of the starter relay also to the battery NEG. Now the starter button works.

(I am not expert on electric, but it seems to me that is palica's sugestion...)

As for the gas thing I don't know. I will just keep going and see what happens.

Once again, thanks


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