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chris 21 May 2002 23:57

GS airhead driveshafts: A thought
A thought:
When you head off on your trip: Why not carry a spare u-joint for your drive shaft. You can buy them in Germany for approx $40.

Unless you ride the bike until the uj breaks completely, you should be able to save the rest of the shaft/ swingarm/ rear bevel etc.

A GOOD car/truck mechanic will be able to change the uj for you. An excellent chap in Loja/ Ecuador did mine. When the front UJ broke, it had 62.000km on it. I had to have the uj sent from Germany. It would have been easier to carry it as a spare.

Remember: car/truck drive lines/steering columns etc all have ujs: they are only a ‘little’ bigger than the one on your BMW GS.

You should notice when the uj is about to break: major shuddering/vibrations from the back end, because the shaft is out of alignment…


for comments on my ‘89 Paralever r100gs.

Good luck,

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