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Greg Browning 21 Aug 2010 23:52

I'm Looking for advice on windscreens for my 1999 GS1100.....I want to improve the comfort envelope for both my wife and I well beyond the Euro style stock windscreen currently on the bike as we will be two up on a planned ride to South america next year.
I've looked at the Aeroflow windscreen and lowers but the price is prohibitive...any ideas out there on aftermarket items or fabricators ?
Thanks all.

Stewart H 22 Aug 2010 11:52

I use a MRA Vario screen on mine, smaller than the aeroflow but much better than stock, mine cost £80 from Jaws motorcycles a couple of years ago.

Greg Browning 22 Aug 2010 14:12

Thanks Stewart.....checked out the Vario. The price is right and one of the main concerns for my wife as the pillion is the buffeting on her neck at higher speeds, which is mentioned in one testimonial..
thanks for the quick response.

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