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mcgiggle 20 Apr 2010 06:11

G650X Clutch cover removal(stranded in Turkey)
Hi guys/gals,
Stranded in Turkey with a clutch problem!
The clutch has been playing up, difficult to select lower gears and impossible to find neutral, done some homework and there is a recall with respect to the splined shaft that the casing lever clamps to. So I removed ALL the M6 bolts to remove the round clutch casing but it seems that the shaft is holding the casing on, the gasket/dowels are all free but the casing will not come off! I now have an additional problem, I thought better of it and just carry on as it was so I replaced all the bolts but now when the lever is pulled at the bar the casing lever is not moving so i'm guessing that the splined shafts are not in synch.
Any ideas???????


Bertrand 20 Apr 2010 09:44

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Pete- sorry about your probs-
I spoke to BMW Battersea for you and read out what you posted-

Answer is:
1- cover removal- once 6 bolts are out, 'seems it is stuck on dowels'- mechanic said that a rubber mallet and a little convincing should free it-depending on amount of sealant used at factory.

2- He thinks that the shaft has failed thereby (like a rack and pinion) when one fails it destroys the other.
BMW have now modified those parts (but it does mean a new cover too) that part and have now got replacement casing, shaft, needle rollers and seal all of which you wil need to make a repair.
as you have not put your chassis number in, I cannot be more specific- Post it up!

If you have reassembled everything, it may be that the 'clamp' (7) on the spline that the clutch cable goes through has not been positioned properly- you need to loosen the clutch cable a bit as its a bit fiddly to get on. (wrong diagram below BTW but just to show the bits!)

I am awaiting an email from BMW Battersea with part numbers which I will post up as soon as I get it but need your chassis number is vital-
Keep an eye out here-
Check you P.M. sent you coords of BMW Ankara and Istanbul

I hope this makes a bit of sense.

To see diagrams- go to [url=http://www.realoem.com/bmw/select.do?kind=M&arch=0]RealOEM.com

Bertrand 20 Apr 2010 12:24

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Reply received from Guy BMW Battersea

p.m'ed you dealers in Greece info

mcgiggle 21 Apr 2010 05:58

Nice one, above and beyond the call of duty as always :clap:
Got it off in the end, the shaft had broken a tooth and that was what was stopping it coming off. Back together now and clutch sort of works.
Long story but I have an email address from one of the after sales guys at BMW Germany and he has notified the Athens dealer, who is now expecting my arrival so leaving Kas this morning on route there.


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