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Jtw000 23 Jan 2011 20:19

G650 trip preparation advice wanted
I'm getting my X-country ready for my trip. I have a lot of parts on order and still a mountain of stuff to prepare. Here's my questions.
1) I'm using an acerbis auxiliary tank. it's cheap and durable and if it totally destroyed along the way then who cares. I am struggling to see where to mount it so have narrowed it down to two places. 1. The front right side of the engine just forward of the regulator. This place is the best. It doesn't interfere with the airflow or cooling, it doesn't place additional weight on the rear subframe and doesn't make luggage any more tricky if I go with Dirtbagz which i'm leaning to. 2. Tail. This is an easier and more conventional fit. The frame is easy to build and the breather tube is shorter although I don't think that's an issue as the TT tank hose is as long as if I fitted it elsewhere. My problem is if I front mount it then it will take damage in a fall. If I tail mount it the tank will be more secure in a fall but the luggage will be more awkward to fit and dirtbags frames are then out. The unconventional tick a lot of boxes but I worry about the fall issue.

2) Dash. I'm building dash extensions for equipment. First up is a small metal mount bolted to the bars. I have enough room for maybe three warning lights on top and something underneath. I was original fitting the two waterproof switches underneath for the lights but think the 12v power socket might be better here. If so then where do I put the light switches? The bike is so small!!!!!

3) Lights. I have two sets. One is a bright pair of offroad lights with upgraded bulbs to throw plenty of light. They're quite large. The second is very small driving lights. Where the hell do I mount them?

4) Luggage. What have people done? I wanted metal boxes for security but now I'm aiming for bags. What is best? I have the alloy rear subframe and want minimum weight on it. Any ideas?

Thanks guys

tmotten 23 Jan 2011 20:51


Giant loop. Can't beat it for ease of use and a bit of sportish riding. Security is a myth anyway. Never mind that big PVC bag at the rear. Getting a smaller cordura bag made.

All the other questions will find answers on ADVrider.

Jtw000 23 Jan 2011 22:23

Can't use Giant loop for my first leg. I'm carrying a pillion.

tmotten 23 Jan 2011 23:13

Bugger. It's not to late to send the pillion to a riding school. :funmeterno:

Jtw000 24 Jan 2011 08:40

I wish.

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