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llanelli 31 Jan 2004 15:42

F650GS-easiest way to syphon fuel?
Hi all,

I need to remove the fuel out of a F650GS(tank under seat). What is the easiest way to do it?

harvey 3 Feb 2004 11:30

There's an answer to this under 'Travel Hints and Tips'. Here's what's suggested -

'To siphon fuel out of your tank for your stove (due to some vacuum I dont
really understand no fuel comes out my petcock with the engine stopped) you
can avoid drinking it (I know from experience it tastes bad) a) get a real
long clear tube about 2m long - put end in tank, droop tube down below tank
and up into your mouth - ensure your mouth is above tank level - suck and
watch fuel enter tube - when it is in bottom of tube before letting suction
go, fold tube near mouth to stop it flowing back into tank. You can now lower
folded end of tube below tank level and open to allow fuel flow into your
stove or b) buy ($1.69) a tube with small plastic siphon pump (hand operated)
to pump fuel without using your mouth.'

Hope this works!

no pipe, no slippers

richardb 4 Feb 2004 22:15

Hi - I have a Dakar as well. Could not get much out of the inlet. So, remove the seat and there is an octogon with a tube coming out of it. This is an overflow tube. Unscrew and lift off to get good access to the tank. The I attached a clear syphon tube to a long chopstick so I could get the tube down as low as possible. Worked well enough to satisfy my shippers back in the UK that I had got out as much as possible.

Good luck



AVID 2 Apr 2012 16:31

Best Way to Syphon...Ever.
Just saw this thread and thought I'd chime in. The BEST way to syphon fuel out of a tank is this:

Place a hose in the tank, and the other end in a container that's lower than the tank (don't just put that fuel in the ground! - if it's old, sell it on Etsy as 'vintage'). Now just make a seal around the opening of the tank (with the hose sticking out of it) using your hand (takes a few tries to get it right), Then just blow in the tank. The pressure will force the fuel up the hose and as soon as it starts to flow you just stop blowing. The harder you initially blow in the tank, the faster it will come out. Of course you must take into account the laws of fluid dynamics and the Hagen–Poiseuille equation, and know that it won't actually come out at lightening speed, but you get the idea.

I've used this method 100's of times on bikes and boats. (easiest way to fill your boats fuel tanks when all you have is jerry cans.)

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