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yorkshiresurfer 24 May 2009 23:45

F650GS Dakar Steering lock worries

Thinking of buying a 650 Dakar - viewed the bike and it seems nice £3200 for a 55 plate with low miles.

Have now established the bike is definitely not ABS.

The steering lock on the bike does not engage - is this a major issue. The ignition is all OK but he said the bike was pushed over while parked up and the part of the lock on the frame which locks the bike was damaged so he removed it ??

Should this put me off buying ? Part from this the bike seems fine ?



markharf 25 May 2009 07:14

You're confident the bike was not stolen? I'm not saying this is likely, but between the missing ABS (can you really own a bike believing it's got ABS when it doesn't?) and the broken steering lock, something about this whole scenario doesn't add up. If it were me and there were any sort of hesitation or glitch with the paperwork, I'd be out of there.


Bertrand 25 May 2009 08:53

There is an old saying that goes:
" When there is a doubt...... there is no doubt"

and if something smells 'fishy'...you can bet there is a 'fish' around.

IMHO I'd do a vehicle check - it's not expensive for what it does for you.
If it passes that, you can also book an appointment with the AA to have the bike mechanically gone over or get a BMW dealership to check it.

It really is 'buyer beware'. There are a lot of 'lemons' out there.
It would be a shame to buy one and have all the grief and sadness that follows that would spoil it all for you.

mcgiggle 25 May 2009 10:42

walk away my friend, there are plenty more out there.


Threewheelbonnie 25 May 2009 14:55


Originally Posted by mcgiggle (Post 243236)
walk away my friend, there are plenty more out there.


IMHO Run don't walk!

If the owner doesn't know his own bike AND there is a potential risk it's stolen you'd be taking on multiple risk. Even if Mr Plod doesn't come knocking, what are chances that the previous owner has a clue about water pumps, oil types etc?

If there is a reason not to go looking for another one, get a vehicle status check and go over the mechanicals with a fine tooth comb.


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