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svenpwrenn 24 Feb 2006 00:10

f650gs (2002) - protecting the engine
Hi I have a 650gs from 2002. Im sorry about the lack of technical terms but hopefully u will understand what i am asking lol. the engine on the bike seems to have a white/silver coat of errr stuff on it to i guess protect the engine. however in a couple of places this layer of errr stuff (looks kinda like paint) is peeling off. Does anybody know how i can re protect the parts where this stuff has come off. i dont realy care if it looks ugly, as long as the engine is protected from rust etc... thank you.

baswacky 24 Feb 2006 01:52

My 2000 Dakar has a similar problem. When I replaced the water pump in May 2005(another common problem with these bikes) I took the opportunity to strip and paint the pump casing with silver smooth hammerite. So far it has lasted surprisely well and it is my intention to strip and paint the rest of the engine with the same stuff.

Mick O'Malley 24 Feb 2006 12:29

Hi Sven

This has more than likely been covered somewhere in www.f650.co.uk

Regards, Mick

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