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ashuatwal 6 Aug 2003 08:18

F650 Shock
F650 ST, 1997. I am currently doing a road trip from Argentina to San Francisco ,but the shock broke down and need a new one. I am currently in Bolivia and have the following questions.

1. If I get it fixed, will it be OK. Already did in Sao Paulo and broke down once.

2. What is the best option going forward. Stock, Ohlins, Works?

3. Where can I buy these used, tried some sites including ebay, BMW dealers etc.

4. What is the best way to get it shipped to Bolivia? DHL, Fedex, UPS cost over $200 for shipping.

5. Is it possible to use the shock from GS for the ST? Would like to get a higher suspension.

Any help would be highly appreciated since this is urgent. Can email me directly at ashuatwal@yahoo.com.

Thanks much.

spakur 6 Aug 2003 15:31

Try posting the same question in the F650 forum on http://www.f650.com/Forums/ .

Also check the F650 FAQ section or more specifically http://faq.f650.com/MainIndex/RearAxleSuspension.htm

Good luck!

spakur 6 Aug 2003 15:39

You might also want to search the forum. The topic has been discussed many times... try searching with the frase "rear shock ohlins" on http://www.f650.com/Forums/Search/default.aspx

For suppliers you might try http://www.motobins.co.uk/ or http://www.motorworks.co.uk/

Atleast one of these also sell used parts. They have a good reputation from F650 owners. Personally I have never used them though.

chris 6 Aug 2003 17:30

with ref to your
question 1: it won't last. replace it.

question 4: i would very strongly suggest sending it normal post/airmail and NOT by courier. is likely to be easier and much much cheaper. make sure whoever ends it, puts a very low value on the invoice as you'll be charged import tax on the value. have it sent to poste restante at the main post office in la paz, or cusco/peru (assuming the old shock will ger you there).

just because a bike shock costs 500 bucks, doesn't stop you having a value of 30 or 50 bucks written on the invoice. remember a car shock might only cost that much and the people don't know the that bike stuff is so expensive.

please please please do NOT use DHL, ever. I did to have urgent spares sent to cusco http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/ubb/frown.gif they are the biggest piece of complete (add any collection of 4-letter expletives you wish... there are a few and they are all appropriate) ever. you might even end up in jail if you do, because you have strangled one of their employees because they are so utterly utterly useless.

good luck,

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