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declan0478 12 Mar 2011 20:03

I'm planning a trip into africa. So, I ordered a DE-CAT and I want to use a muffler from LeoVinco SBK for my GSA 1200 (from 2006). Does anybody has any experience with this.
Would he work better with it?

Best regards.


TurboCharger 15 Mar 2011 20:20

:welcome: to the HUBB.

Speaking for myself I wouldn't change the stock exhaust on the bike, I'd keep the money and spend it on travelling. I don't mean to dash your plans but if you're looking for less weight and/or more power then the very small improvements will largely be offset by the addition of luggage and road conditions where you'll be travelling so the question to be asked is why change the stock exhaust? If the answer is because it sounds better (and louder) then consider the fact that riding for hours/days/weeks/months straight then the extra noise will get annoying if not unbearable. The improved silience of the stock exhaust IMHO is the main reason why I am glad I never changed... plus on the up side your bike will be quieter when trying sneaking across borders in the depth of the night (which you may need in Africa :-).

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