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Richard Stallard 29 Dec 2001 12:49

Dropping out of overdrive
Hi to everyone hope you all had a good christmas. I have a question for all,
After getting back from Oman My (Only 6500kms old) GS1150 went in to a faulse neutral (between 5th and overdrive) I slowed down and shifted to 5th and all was ok I didn't know whether it was me riding in normal boots again after riding the last 5 days in Moto x boots that diddn't shift correctly or if it was a problem with the gearbox, well it's started doing it again and again 3 times the other night in 70KMS, just wondered if anyone has heard of this before???? and what do you experts guess it is. I've talked to the guys I bought it from AGMC BMW in Dubai and this seems a new one to them, but there is only 5 GS1150's in Dubai and not many used so much so???? who knows. Any Ideas would be helpful... Thanks Richard.. Happy New Year...

Hedgehog5 8 Jan 2002 18:04

Oh yes.....
This is an all too common problem with the 1150GS with the standard gearbox (visit www.gsclubuk.com for the tales of woe). Some people have had it changed under warranty for the close range gearbox which hasn't got the same problem, & have prefered it.

I don't know whether there have been any mods to the standard one or whether BMW acknowledge ther is a problem (I feel an e-mail coming on) - but I'll be looking for something to be done before mine runs out of warranty.

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