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mahajim 5 Mar 2010 18:49

dash falut
A friend has 650 dakar and is in the midle of a trip.
problem is every time the ignithion is cycaled the clock and milidge resets.

Is there anything he can do on the road or will it have to be a bmw work shop
as a long standing jap bike owner i do not know about bemers

thankyou jim

Stewart H 6 Mar 2010 15:52

Perhaps there is dirt in the switch, or a broken wire in the bundle coming out of the switch.


Byatesscuba 17 Jul 2012 04:46

I just bought a k75. Think 94 ish , how do I tell? It is the low seat. Won't start. Smacked starter with hammer and it turns. Found ignition green, grey/ blue and gray wires soldered together. .?? Bought good used starter on eBay but still no fuel pump noise. Bought new pump. Took old out and hooked it up only to hear it run! Is there a relay I need to replace? Please tell me this isn't the side stand switch. Hen I jump the pos term to the second from the bottom fuse, I just get a click. .??., is it just a bad groningen? Any help will be paid back with ├╝ber good karma

Stewart H 18 Jul 2012 10:09

On my 98 GS I had the sidestand switch problem, try a google search for a solution, I just needed to join the two wires together, also worth pulling the relays one at a time and dropping them onto the floor! sounds odd, but if they are stuck then it can shake them loose, also check all fuses, pull them out and pop them back in, it cleans them.
To the OP if fuse #3 blows on my bike it will do that.

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