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zinger 17 Sep 2005 07:16

comfort level on a GSAdv.
Hello to everyone. First time posting here so I hope to hit right forum. I have '04 Adventure that I've been riding whole summer, on weekends and to work every day. Seems like after 2-3 hours of riding, my lower back gets to screaming bloody murder and after that it's agony to stay on much longer. It has stock seat and everything else, 16 000 miles on it now. Anything in particular someone with similar problems may recomend to remedy this? BTW I'm 6'3". I didn't know if different seat or something may help. Thanks for any advice.

Steve Pickford 17 Sep 2005 13:52

A friend who's a little taller than you has an aftermarket seat that's 40mm higher than standard. Allows him to stretch his legs more & improves his riding position.

You could do it yourself by removing the seat cover cover & building the height up with a thick gel pad & then recovering?

You could also log on to: www.advrider.com
plenty of people there using custom seats made in the US - search for Rocky or Bill Meyer. What about an Airhawk seat pad. also US?

zinger 17 Sep 2005 19:56

Hi Steve. I've thought about changing
something with the seat, just wasn't sure
what to look into. I'll do some searching on
the site you mentioned. From what I gather
aftermarket seats aren't cheap, maybe some of these guys on AdvRider will also have some ideas. Thanks Steve.

Steve Pickford 19 Sep 2005 13:24

Airhawks are cheapish - a strap on seat that you inflate to suit & can be swapped from bike to bike.

Look in the Flea Market forum on AdvRider, plenty of second hand 1150 parts come up for sale at good prices, mainly when some people return their bike to stock prior to selling, ten selling the accesories separately to get the most money back.

Another option is to ride a non-Adventure 1150GS. They have a two piece seat that's very different in feel to the Adventure seat. I've no problem with the 1150 seat but hate the Adventure seat. You can fit the GS seats but you'll need all of the mounts & the separate seat lock on the left of the bike.

If you want to swap, post a message to that effect on AdvRider, you may find someone willing to just swap parts?

[This message has been edited by Steve Pickford (edited 19 September 2005).]

zinger 19 Sep 2005 19:53

Yeah, I've seen couple different seats guys use around here but they're in $500-600 range, so I may try the the second hand route first. Thanks Steve.

Dan Koch 30 Sep 2005 01:55

I am using a gel pad that is covered by sheepskin on my RT. I've done it for comfort but it does add about 3/4 to 1" of thickness. I don't remember the manufacturer but I paid around $100US.

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