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Bradd 29 May 2005 21:09

Buying a R80G/S
May buy a 1981 R80G/S in the next few days & was wondering if this differs much from later G/S models. Also if theres anthing in patictular to look for besides the normal GS things.


Grant Johnson 30 May 2005 00:31

Only difference between an 81 G/S and 82-87 G/S is the rear rim width - the later ones are wider and stronger.

88 on GS is a very different bike - same engine(mostly), gearbox, frame, but everything else different.

There's tons of info on all of them in this forum.

Timo 30 May 2005 08:43

Welcome to the HU Bulletin Board!

There is also a shifting linkage issue with the '81 G/S - upgrade available. Check with the owner, lots of them have had this installed already. It is not a huge job, but does require taking the the gear box appart.

Bradd 1 Jun 2005 04:37

Regarding the rim is it still up to 2 up touring.
Regarding the shifting linkage issue I havent been able to find out much out yet though I dont think its been changed.
The 1981 also had a kickstart as standard great! I might need to work on tecnique though.
Went & had a look at the bike tonight & being new to boxers have a sill question how mutch tic tic ticking should there be from the engine while idling, dont have any to compare it to here in Dubai. Also theres a bit of cibration as you start revving enough to vibtatte the instruments a little (the timing is out as its been in a box for a few months)
It costs around $2000 with spare weels shaft & fork so seems to be a pretty good deal.

Grant Johnson 1 Jun 2005 05:27

Rim is questionable - I have an 86 and had a rim crack - granted, two-up and bad roads, rtw, but it DID fail, and it was the heavier duty of the two.

If the shifter kit hasn't bene installed, then it's also possible the gearbox hasn't been rebuilt - which means it MUST be. So install the kit then.

Kickstart is nice, but tricky - I've taught people to use it, and some NEVER do get the hang of it, so it's a waste for them. Remember, the time you need it is when you're having trouble - and a dodgy kick when all is well isn't going to make it when the bike isn't up to scratch.

There is definitely some valve noise, so a quiet little tick-tick is fine to excellent.

It's a TWIN - of course it vibrates!

Sititng in a box for a few months has nothing to do with the timing - it's electronic, and they can easily go 20 years untouched. Mine went RTW and over 100,000km untouched. Still perfect.

$2000 is a STEAL - GRAB IT and even if you don't want it you can sell it overseas for a profit.

A very nice G/S goes for $5,000+ in the USA.

Grant Johnson

Seek, and ye shall find.


One world, Two wheels.

Bradd 1 Jun 2005 16:22

I've agreed to take it, will pick up in a few days. The wiring is a bit patched together, may end up rewiring the whole thing hopefully this wont be too mutch of a pain, i see there is an Airhead wiring book availalable.
Then to get started on all the ushual modifications.

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