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radioactiveangel 18 Oct 2006 11:19

BMW Pakistan.
Hi there i am having my transmission rebuilt in Iran at the moment but the flying sparks, angle grinders and hammering not to mention some of the hand crafted parts are giving me some concerns. I have a freind meeting me fron Aus in Pakistan and i am thinking it may be a good idea for him to bring me a new tranny. Anyone know of any decent workshops in Lahore or Islamamabad?

Sorry the bike is 88 r100 gs.


Lars 18 Oct 2006 13:36

Hi there,

no BMW-workshop in Pakistan AFAIK, but I am in contact with a professor of an university in Lahore who supposedly is a BMW-Enthusiast.

I am only contact via phone and email so far, but will be in Lahore from friday to meet him (on my R 100 GS the driveshaft has to be replaced and maybe the the gearbox bearings as well). He told me that he has experience with BMW gearboxes.

Give me a mail to lars (at) ontheroad (dot) de; I will keep you updated.



davidmc 21 Oct 2006 04:24

Email Simon Roberts, simongoeseast at yahoo dot co dot uk

I believe he had a driveshaft replaced on his R100GS in Pakistan last year, I think in Lahore. He should have some advice for you.

beddhist 21 Oct 2006 16:38

If you are just swapping the tranny then you can probably do it yourself, it's not that hard, except for the tools needed to remove the swingarm.

If all else fails the Mercedes Benz garage in Islamabad helped me straighten the frame on my CX500. They shouldn't have a problem swapping the tranny.

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