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Algarve Nick 23 Nov 2011 14:03

Bmw hp2
Hello. I'M a new poster. I ride a Buell Ulysses but used to ride a Bmw R1100GS On which I did 92000 miles. I'd like to know if anyone has substantial experience of the HP2 and what problems they've encountered.

AliBaba 23 Nov 2011 14:35


Originally Posted by Algarve Nick (Post 356880)
Hello. I'M a new poster. I ride a Buell Ulysses but used to ride a Bmw R1100GS On which I did 92000 miles. I'd like to know if anyone has substantial experience of the HP2 and what problems they've encountered.

Nice bike!
I have only tried it for shorter trips and can't help you much, but try to get hold of this guy: The HUBB - The HUBB

majorbumsore 25 Nov 2011 13:31

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Hi Nick,
I have a HP2 Enduro, I have owned in from almost new (350 miles) and it now has 18000 on the clock. i have the HPN 22lt tank, holan rack with Zega paniers, and lots of other extras.
I dont ride it as a sunday bike it is my touring bike.
I have owned every GS model since the 1100 in 1997, a couple of 1150gsa's a couple of 1200gsa's etc.
i love the HP2 above all the others put together. it is fast light and tours as well as a GS.
I have done 650 mile days, (hence my profile name) and it never misses a beat.
I have had zero problems with the bike since new.
sure the forks nock a bit but I've never been too worried about that.
I can not recoment one enough.
best thing is when you get where you are going take the luggage off and you have an awsome enduro to throw around.
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This is mine, and as i say its the best GS by far.
In my opinion, just so i dont start an argument.

Algarve Nick 27 Nov 2011 21:23

What a beautiful looking machine. I really want one. As I said I had a GS11 for 91000 miles but find the new breed GSs too over the top. The idea of a stripped down one appeals so much. It too would be my tourer but the problem is where to find one in Portugal? However I could fly back and seek one out in the UK then ride it back down here and register it here. That's the cheapest option BUT I suspect they are thin on the ground in England too. You don't want to sell yours do you? :clap:

majorbumsore 28 Nov 2011 15:25

Hi Nick,
Mine might be for sale next Year, I am working away and it looks like a long term thing so the bike is not being used. I will return to the UK in March and May so may look at selling the HP2 if I am going to be away for another Year. Thats why the bike is mint and low ish milage,
I get to do a tour or two a year and thats it for millage.
stay in touch mate and I'll give you first refusal.

Wheeee! 28 Nov 2011 15:58

Awsome machine. I have been an admirer of the HP2 but haven't heard of the enduro version. I want me one of them too!

Strange looking at it in the hills with road tyres though!

Enjoy it

Algarve Nick 28 Nov 2011 17:21

I would appreciate that, Major. Could easily fly back. Keep in touch. Where are you based?

george t 29 Nov 2011 11:33

I have one too.. mine has around 22k miles.

my experience is similar to Majorbumsore,

an excellent bike. I have used mine for touring a couple of year back and now I use it daily for commuting to work.

So much more fun than the GS1200 I had before.

In terms of problems other than the front forks I haven't heard of any.

Although if you are planning any serious adventure touring need to consider a few upgrades (fuel range, lights, comfort - seat & wind protection) and make sure that you don't overload it.

Got to pack light as it isn't designed to carry much weight and the rear subframe don't think It can take much abuse.

I always had soft luggage on mine and probably around 15-18KG of luggage including a 5lt plastic jerry can.


farmer palmer 29 Nov 2011 14:35

HP2 Enduro
I had one for three years, it's a very special and unique bike from BMW.......!

I bought mine for touring in Iceland/Scandanavia and specifically gravel roads but with difficult ferry connections from Scotland I sold it on and bought a GSA30 which i've had for over a year(being able to tour with a pillion was the biggest deciding factor)

Good points with the HP2 were it's exclusivity, lightness and tremendous power and i'd fitted mine out for touring with Touratech panniers etc and was very pleased with the way it performed for me.

Not so good was the fuel range and seat comfort although there seem to be more large tank options than there were when I bought mine. I never did run out of fuel though and managed a few 350 mile days touring in Norway/Sweden.

I certainly don't regret selling mine but much prefer the telelever suspension, ABS brakes, huge 33litre fuel tank, very good weather protection and luggage capacity of the much more common 1200GSA.

In an ideal world i'd have both bikes but can only justify one so it's the GSA for me and Mrs P.


Algarve Nick 29 Nov 2011 20:05

Thanks, George and Farmer. I'm sold on the idea. I always travel light and never take passengers...unless I stumble across good-looking ones!!

majorbumsore 30 Nov 2011 12:47

Hi Nick/Boys,
I have the Holan rear rack which serves to suport the rear sub frame as it runs to the foot pegs.
this adds a lot of rigidity to the rear for carrying enough weight. i have a 33 and a 40 lt zega panniers and it carries them no problem.
the photo shows the bike in the alps a couple of days after stopping in Andora for a set of tyres, the Karoos had had it after about 5000 miles and i had a few thousand to go, all road so i got some Bridgestones fitted as they were the only ones that had in as a pair. to be honnest they are friggin brilliant.
Nick, I'm based in (removed, sorry forgot was open forum)UK base is Yorkshire, so plenty airports and ferry options if I do decide to sell next year. I would offer to ride it down to your gaff but I would never turn up, I'd be the one flying past with a smile on my face heading for the ferry to Maroc.

Algarve Nick 30 Nov 2011 13:02

Hi, Major. Just happened to be online. My old girl lives in Skipton so not so far from East Yorks. I am serious about buying although we would have to talk more and could easily fly up if we were to strike a deal. All I would have to do is insure it, ride to Skipton and wait for the logbook, then fire back down to Lagos. The bike certainly looks nice. Enjoy my Buell but think I would trust the Beemer more. Does it have much low-down grunt? My GS 1100 (by way of comparison was good, better than my KTM 950 Adv but the Buell is a bit stronger.) Buell's are underrated but have several frightening weak points. Keep in contact, Major!

majorbumsore 30 Nov 2011 15:38

I had a blast on a buell and was quite suprised, i liked it but i had a 1200gsa at the time and was just having a play.
the HP2 has tons of low grunt, i have put a fule modulator on which improves the fueling giving more pull out of low revs. (or somat like that)
Anyway it is an improvement, that mixed with decat headers, the AKRO can and K&N filter and she fly's.
I will give the concept of letting her go some serious thought. I would regret it as soon as you rode away but it is silly keeping it if I aint going to ride it.
besides the money would be absorbed refitting my Unimog expedition Camper, otherwise known as my retirement home.
I may be on R&R in feb - march so will talk seriously nearer the date if thats ok. I have lots of wheels, Two sets of forks, a Megamoto headlight and suround, Techno flex rear spring, touratech Twid HD spots and tons of other gear so we would need to chat about how you want the bike set up. I also have all the original gear in storage.
anyway, we can both give it some thought and see what happens.
chears, MBS

Algarve Nick 1 Dec 2011 16:10

Sounds good. I would have to have the original exhaust to reregister it down here but could strap it on the back!! You may want too much for it but we'll chat later, Major.

MarkShelley 1 Dec 2011 16:45

They sure are lovely. I have heard rumours of good ones changing hands for more than they cost new.

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