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KevOK 21 Nov 2007 19:17

BMW f650gs, snaped bolt
Hi guys,
I'm on the road in Iran at the moment about 2 days away from turkey heading to europe pretty much in the middle of nowhere. My sidestand has been getting more bent each and every day for a while now and today it finally snapped, bad considering the bike has just reached the 19,000 km mark. The question is, its the bolt between the frame under neath the footpegs that has snapped, the only way to get it out is to remove the exhaust, foot pegs and a few more bits and pices and drill out the remaining tread and replace the bolt, easier said then done where i am at the moment. I've had to ride it today all day with the bolt snapped, what i am wondering is , is this part of the frame or is it just for the side stand, when i ride the bolt spins away inside the frame so there's definatly no pressure on it. If it's just for the side srtand i'll leave it until i get to a Bmw garage next one's in Istanbul,Turkey about 2 weeks away yet,
any advise would be helpful
Thanks alot guys

juddadredd 21 Nov 2007 21:10

Don't worry too much about it I had a look under mine for you, but a good check at each stop will tell you if anything is going wrong.

Can you post a pic to be sure I'm looking at the right one.

KevOK 22 Nov 2007 06:25

hi there
thanks a lot bud
I'll send a pic tonight when i get some place with a proper internet conection, its the bolt right under the foot peg, you would not be able to remove it without removing the foot peg as it slides right back into it, it spapped just inside the tread on the other side so the tread needs to be drilled out, the bolt runs right across the bike to the other side, i'd have to remove the exhaust to drill it out. I am thinking that it is only there for the side stand but i would like to know for sure so i dont make it worse,
again thanks for your help
all the best

juddadredd 22 Nov 2007 15:11


If it's the one that is almost in line with the clutch pedal shaft, that joins to the main black lower frame then it IS a frame bolt. But I just took mine out with the bike fully loaded and bounced it around for 20 minutes with NO ill effects.

Just drive it with a bit more care until Turkey and everything SHOULD be fine, but get it replaced as soon as you can.


Smellybiker 3 Dec 2007 23:02

Dont worry too much about it, snapped the same bolt on mine (twice) & have done 1000's of miles with it like that, 2 up & overloaded.

The bolt is an M8x220 - weird size & not easy to find. An M8 threaded bar with an extra nut will be a quick fix.

KevOK 4 Dec 2007 07:23

Thanks Guys
Hi thanks guys
I was able to get a new one put in but now my chain has snapped

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