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merlin 20 Sep 2002 17:42

bmw dealers in oz and nz
anybody got alist of bmw dealers in oz and nz?..recommendations

Jeremy Andrews 22 Sep 2002 22:59

That Merlin, is what the Internet is for....


Click on the above link and then click on Motorcycles.

Merry Christmas


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merlin 23 Sep 2002 17:00

Hi Jeremy,
you are absolutely right...you just need the web site address .. and bmw aren't as good as you ... so many thanks , hows alaska ?don't miss the denali hwy

Global Rider 17 Nov 2002 09:57

Check out the International BMW Motorrad web site.


Pick the continent, then the country and then BMW Partner or Dealer, etc.


Alex's BMW Motorcycle & Global Touring Page http://www.ott.igs.net/~ace

Manning 23 Dec 2002 18:37

For Australia, your first place to look is Bikepoint (www.bikepoint.com.au). This is an excellent trading post for all brands of motorcycle.

I can give you reputable dealers in the Sydney and Brisbane areas (from experience):

Sydney - My first choice is ProCycles in Hornsby (at the far north of the city). I have dealt with them for years, as have many other people I trust, and all reports are universally favourable. Excellent workshop, knowledgable and relaxed sales staff, lots of stock. Also a Suzuki and Yamaha dealer.

Also Sydney: Tom Byrne Motorcycles seem OK, though I've never dealt with them much. No bad reports. They are in St Peters, a few kms south of the city centre. Also a Triumph and Aprilia dealer.

Brisbane: Morgan & Wacker are the only dealer in town. My experience of them is a bit negative, the shop is also a HD dealership and there is a lot of "snootiness" in the air. I also don't like being made to feel that getting mechanical service is a privilege. I test rode an F650 there but went and bought the same bike from another dealer because I disliked the vibe in their shop.

The other dealer (who I actually bought from)was Coastline BMW which is in a town called Caloundra about 1 hour north of Brisbane. I'm very pleased with them so far.

For mechanical service in Brisbane I go to the BM Shop. (www.bmshop.com.au). This is a small workshop with limited stock of parts, but good workmanship.

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