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bryan 14 Aug 2003 18:38

bm tankbags- hpn/acerbis tanks
can anyone please advise,
does the standard paris dak bm tankbag base fit onto the hpn/acerbis nylon tanks?

harvey 14 Sep 2003 02:54


I think you asked the same question on the GS Club site (so I'm going to give you the same answer!!)

I use an R1100RS tank bag on my acerbis tank and it fits a treat. I used araldite to fix the small zip off bit to the tank just above the tank mounting lugs so that when the seat is in place you can't unzip the tank bag and nick it.

The only draw back is that I had to cut a hole in the bottom of the bag to stop it blocking the fuel cap and creating a vacuum in the tank, so everything you put in the lower section of the tank bag tends to smell/taste of fuel after a while.

no pipe, no slippers

vincent danna 26 Sep 2003 13:05

try bagster, a french manufacturer doing very nice tankbags
they have a website

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