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luckro 24 Jun 2011 10:23

Bing mixture when fuel is poor - question
Morning Experts,

I have arrived in Tajikistan, filled up with fuel and my R80 G/S is suddenly running rough at low revs, and running very rich (sparks coked up and you can smell the fuel). Pinking, I assume, having never encountered it before.

Tiffany has confirmed that the fuel is especially poor in Tajikistan and that one must grin and bear it. She also suggested a question here. So I was wondering if it's worth adjusting the mixture screw out 1/4 a turn or so, or is it better to leave it as is, given how sensitive Bing carbs are?

Otherwise, I imagine it's just a case of taking it easy on the throttle, which I do anyway.


mark manley 24 Jun 2011 14:55

I had a similar thing with my 80G/S in Egypt when I mistakenly put the 80 octane they reserve for Jawas in, I just took it steady until something better was available, there doesn't seem to be any long term effects.

luckro 24 Jun 2011 17:19

re pinking
Cheers, Mark. I've spoken to a couple of others and the view is the same: that what is sold as 95 octane fuel is often diluted with 80, or worse. Not a great surprise, really, though still comes as a shock when you feel the effects so suddenly.

A wiseman suggested trying to get hold of additives. A sensible idea. I'll have a look around, though either way I'll just crack on regardless. As you say, the fuel will improve at some stage and the old R-series bikes are strong and forgiving, despite their tantrums.

However, for those coming out to the Stans, it seems like a good idea to bring a small bottle of additives (just enough for a few tanks - a 250ml bottle would probably be enough), or one of those tablets to pop in your tank when you get out here. The former perhaps preferable, since you can control it better.


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