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ChrisK 18 Apr 2002 21:38

Anyone fitted a Hagon rear shock to R80 GS monolever
Well the heading says it all, I know what folk think of Ohlins but there aren't any available in UK at present, well the Importer and a few dealers I've contacted havn't got any, so Has anyone fitted a Hagon shock and if so does it work OK, my Sebac is fine on road but bouncy as bouncy thing with a special reason to be bouncy off road.
Regards Chris

Timo 18 Apr 2002 23:40

Can't comment on the Hagon, but I just ordered a Wilbers/ Technoflex for my G/S. They should have it to me in 3 weeks. Might be a option if you are in a rush.

Sean Kelly 19 Apr 2002 17:07


www.hpn.de got me a WP / BMW 'sport' shock at short notice last year. Phone or email Caroline who speaks pretty good english.


El Penguino 21 Apr 2002 08:23

It doesn´t quite answer your question but one was fitted to my K100 when I bought it .

It is still holding up well after 3 months of Chile and Argentina , with plenty of rough dirt roads , FWIW .

I guess the main thing you want to know for your trip is if it is rebuildable .

ChrisK 22 Apr 2002 02:23

Hi, thanks for that info on your K. I have just been away for a systems test weekend, well the bike handles like a 1980 CB650 SOHC that I had about 10 years ago, a sort of cross between a pogo stick and a space hopper. So the Sebac is definatly going. I have spoken to Hagons who were refreshingly honest and as they have compression and rebound damping adjustment, although not individually I decided to go for it. Another deciding factor is that Dr Desmo the Ducati specialist has his workshop next to where I work and he's getting me one at trade price so I'll give it a go and let you all know how I get on. I'd still like to hear from anyone whos used one though. Cheers, Chris.

ChrisK 15 May 2002 22:27

Hi, well I have now fitted the Hagon shock and fully loaded with the Gurlie on the back and all the luggage it's excellent on tar, sweep round the corners without any wallowing, so far so good, tried it off road, a little rutted muddy track here in the wilds of North Hampshire and it was OK, only did about 5 miles and crapped my pants with the weight of the thing in the mud and Gill was squealing a little, I think what worries her is that once I stand up all she can see is my arse mere inches from her face(thank god for visors eh?!) The shock was fine though very progresive and no bouncy bouncy. For the record I wound the spring up 3 full turns and the damping 1/2 turn, will fine tune on the road. I think I should have spent a few weeks down the gym to build up my arms and upper body, The desert roads of Sudan will be fun.........Erm!

ChrisK 26 Aug 2002 01:04

Hi, further update on th Hagon, it has performed very well so far, 11,400 miles from home and the dirt roads in the Baltics and Scandinavia caused no problems at all, though in truth they are all pretty good roads even those in Lituania.

ChrisK 1 Oct 2002 17:01

Further update on the Hagon Shock
14,500 miles and now in Turkey and it's leaking fluid before it has even seen the bad roads of Africa, obviously a bad move on my part fitting one of these pieces of S*#T.

chris 2 Oct 2002 05:34

take it from a man who knows (me). do the right thing and order an ohlins from the dutch importer: http://www.ohlins.nl/kroon.htm
a superb investment at 540 euros...
PS. if you are not too far east (eg. still in istanbul), it might be a good idea to have it sent to greece (in the EU... do you have an address you could use there??) and return there to collect it. would save hassle with turkish import tax etc etc.

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ChrisK 9 Oct 2002 20:42

Hi all, well the weirdest thing of all is it has stopped leaking, very strange and the damping still works. We will see how it goes, as for an Ohlins, I tried to get one before I left the UK but you have to order 6 months in advance and I am never that well organised so I will see how far the Hagon will take me.

nobby 24 Oct 2002 19:21

I am a courier based in london to make the shock last longed fit a car inner tube around the shock and cable ties top and bottom it keeps the shit off the seals and shocks last for 100,000 miles even hagon ones

cheers chris

mcdarbyfeast 25 Oct 2002 04:30

Hi Chris, What a great idea. It saves money and hassle.


ChrisK 28 Oct 2002 18:51

Hi, inner tube already fitted which is probably why I didn`t notice the shock was leaking for quite a while, not untill it puked the oil all over the swing arm, once cleaned off it took a while to show any signs of leaking again but it is. Bike hs now covered 17,500 miles and was really bouncy on the Kings Highway in Jordan earlier today. And before any one says, the inner tube only covered the damper rod and not the resevoir so there was no possibility of over heating. Chris

chris 29 Oct 2002 01:46

and when it has leaked all its oil? ... it stops leaking... then, sooner rather than later it will snap. i had one of mine in 3 pieces... hope you have a long tyre lever to lash the whole thing together (you end up with a 'hardtail'). funny to tell your mates about later, but what about riding in 1st gear at walking pace grimmacing at every undulation you ride over.

seriously. buy an ohlins shock and do it now!

with ref to the tyre tube over the shock technique. nice in theory (i tried it too. it made diddly squat difference. if anything it made things heat up even more). if the shock wants to die, it will die.

ways to make your shock last longer:
1. carry (a lot) less weight
2. only drive super smooth pavement
3. use an ohlins (not a bmw original, hagon or white power)

good luck,

Grant Johnson 29 Oct 2002 02:53

or a Works Performance Shock, especially for those in NA, or who are in a bigger hurry than Ohlins can supply, or those like me who aren't impressed with Ohlins stunning lack of customer service, or who need something a little out of the ordinary.

The big difference with Works is that they custom build the shock for YOU and your bike and your load. Appropriate spring and damping for it and your riding style.

Ohlins sells one shock fits all... solo or two-up fully loaded with touring gear. No way the standard shock spring is stiff enough. They do have a "stiff" spring IF you can get it - and it still isn't quite enough for two-up loaded.

My Works shock has been brilliant in 16 years of use. One rebuild at 12 years, slowly losing pressure - dirt cheap rebuild, instant turnaround, only needed seals. No oil leaks ever.

Grant Johnson

Seek, and ye shall find.


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