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Fly Guy 1 Dec 2005 10:15

airhead burning blue at startup
I have a '77 R100/7 that I finally parked for the winter. It has 124K km on it and runs great except every so often the left cylinder burns a little blue at start up. It doesn't happen all the time and seems to be more frequent if I park it on the side stand. The rings were done at 100K km, other than that the engine hasn't been touched. What should I be looking for...something with the valves maybe

Mombassa 1 Dec 2005 10:31

Some just do that when parked on the sidestand. If you park it on the centre stand and it doesn't do it, you've found the reason. As well, turn off the engine and leave the bike upright for a minute or two, then put it on the centre stand. That minimizes the smoke too. Never let the bike idle on the side stand, as the oil path won't deliver to the right hand studs.



simmo 1 Dec 2005 16:56

Its just oil seeping past the rings when its parked on the side stand. K series bikes did it from new on all four, but the bores last a long time. The look on the faces of new BMW owners as the smoked away was always a good laugh.

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