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KennyE 16 Jul 2008 20:00

2007 R1200GS/A Recall?
I am currently on a ride to Australia from the UK and called in to the BMW dealer in Wurzburg, Germany today to get new tyres fitted. The service adviser promptly informed me that they would be replacing the ring antenna and doing a software update at the same time.

Having read a fair amount on ring antenna failures, I was pleasantly surprised hat BMW seem to be acknowledging that there is a problem. It has been in the back of my mind that mine might fail somewhere- probably as far from a dealer as could possibly be. I hope I can now have peace of mind about that problem now.

Apparently the software update is to re-map the power curve. As I understood it, it reduces the power delivery at high speeds as they are concerned that the motor could wear excessively at high speed.

I am a much happier camper at the moment and would recommend BMW Wurzburg to anyone out there. And the new tyres are magic!!



loxsmith 16 Jul 2008 22:54

Nothing worse than when your ring antenna fails, WTF is that?? Good to hear all is going well for you Ken, enjoy the ride mate!


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