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freewheelin frank 10 Jun 2009 20:06

2007 F650gs
I have a 2007 F650GS that I plan on riding from Alaska to South America next year. I have heard tales of the water pumps being problematic. Are there any other inherent issues with this model that I should prepare for IE. spare parts etc.

Thanks in advance,

Freewheelin Frank

DarrenM 10 Jun 2009 21:34

Is it the single ? If so this has been discussed many times on the Hubb, do a search on 'F650GS'.

Most common issues are...
Water pump.
Head Bearings.
Speed Sensor.
Ignition pick up.

The most objective review of the F650GS I have read is 'if you are prepared to carry the tools and fix the problems yourself then it is a good RTW bike'. Take a GS911 diagnostics tool.

Some good travel sites.
Taco's Tyring Travels: BMW F650 GS Dakar Modification (part 2)

Maintenance « Short Way Round


And if you have not already found them.
BMW F650 (UK)

The Chain Gang

tmotten 10 Jun 2009 22:45

Don't forget part 1 :smile2:

Taco's Tyring Travels: BMW F650 GS Dakar Modification (part 1)


I took an 07. All the mods are in part 1 and 2. No issues after that what so ever. Just repaired my waterpump (dead easy after replacing the solid hose and you can keep the oil) after somewhere between 18k - 19k km.

Don't forget the foam behind the radiator. You wouldn't be the first to forget that simple mod.

Apparently the oil pressure sensor on the older models were a bit dodgy. But they've replaced the part for it and I'm not sure if it still is. I took a spare for each bike to be sure, and didn't need them. They need a 21mm socket deep enough.

Lube the head bearings. That's why they fail and reportedly (apparently) more so on F650's. Stock they're dry as. And seeing as most people don't lube them and BMW dealers dont either there is only one option left. Failure. I lube them at each interval to be sure, and not even a notch with the stock bearings. There is absolutely no reason they would wear more than other bikes IMHO.

What's the problem with the ignition pickup? Can't say I've seen that one before. Isn't the sensor issue related to removing the guard?

There is also the C'mon diagnostic tool

C'mon diagnostic tool

The Chain Gang • View topic - C'mon diagnostic tool

Keep the bike light. Soft luggage all the way. South American really keep their distance, so no reason to be paranoid with security. The bike is a scream when riden aggressively. I've swapped my hard luggage for soft with Steelpony bags. Although I'll have a little pelican box (probably a 1300) at the back for my electronics and charging gear.

Steel Pony Luggage Home

He's an inmate on ADVrider as well, so no problems getting support. Much better build quality than Andy Strapz as well.

freewheelin frank 11 Jun 2009 14:56

Yes mine is a single. Thanks for the advice. I still have a year to get everything set up for the trip. Just want to get all the info so that I can get it all done with plenty of time.

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