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5 Eyes 12 Mar 2007 16:52

1200 GS- blew off the air intake
I bought a very clean GS 1200 two days ago. on the way home from the UK to Ireland the airintake came off the head on the left side and obviously there was a big bang and the bike stopped.
we out it back in but noticed that the air intake pipes were not sitting in tight on both side but the bike was running so we carried on.
Nearly back to Holyhead, the end piece off the exhaust baffle came away ( there had been a remus exhaust fitted) and needless to say the exhaust has to be replaced.

my questions are

1. did anyone ever have the same problem with the air intake pipes coming out

2. would this have caused the damage to the exhaust

3. does anyone know where I can get another exhaust for cheaper, the main dealers are looking for €600 + VAT here in the rep of Ireland to to replace it

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