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Biggles 21 Feb 2004 04:36

Is the 1150gs tank big anough for iran
I am just about to leave Singapore to head home to the UK via India, Iran, etc. I have a bog standard 2001 1150 GS. I am not too sure what modification I need to do to the bike to make the trip.
Some people say I need a bigger tank. Some say I don’t!!

Some say you need to spend $ 1200 Ausie Dollars on getting this Plug fitted so the bike will run on a low octane fuel.

Some say, remove the cat? Didn’t know it had one, (Joke)

Some say “are you mad, your doing what!” (Has anyone ever heard that little chestnut)?

Oh yes and while I have your kind attention, would a fuel additive be a wise addition to my ever-growing pile of crap I seem to need.

Any (nice) comments would be much appreciated.

simmo 21 Feb 2004 07:26

The tank is big enough...I had no trouble with fuel quality in Iran and at 5 cents a litre couldnt complain if it was poor I suppose.

There seems to be one petrol station in each town and the locals will show you where it is if you cant stumble upon it yourself.


Steve Pickford 21 Feb 2004 12:48

A friend did a similar trip on a stock F650 a few years ago without problem.

May be worth setting up an external rather than internal fuel filter for easy replacement?


Biggles 21 Feb 2004 14:45

Thanks lads, this info is invaluable and I much appreciate in you giving me your time.

Bikesonworldtour 24 Feb 2004 20:34

we just made the trip from Europe to Nepal. Currently we are in South East Asia.
I have a R1100GS and made the journey w/o any problems. The tank capacity is sufficient, calculate with 5 l per 100 km so you can ride around 400 kilometer before refuelling. Nowhere on that route you need the full tank capacity.
Petrol is usually of regular quality. If you can bring an additive, you should. Maybe you should buy a spare fuel filter from BMW (I did not used mine). If the engine starts pinging because of low octane fuel just be easy on the throttle when you accelerate.
Enjoy the hospitality of the Persians.



simonrjames 25 Feb 2004 16:08

I am presently in Tehran. Having recieved no end of advice about the road south of Bam we are going to fly into India. Not in the spirit of the trip I know but everyone has said dont go.

I am presently in the BMW dearlers in Iran and cannot speak highly enough of the guy who looks after the bikes, Hamid. He has spent the last 2 days helping us with our bike and without him the process would have been impossible. If you get the chance please drop in to see him.

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